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The English Schoolhouse

Grown Goldilocks and Her Three Bags of Trash

Grown Goldilocks and Her Three Bags of Trash

ISBN: 978-1955130332

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Based on a true, still unfolding talethis pre-sequel chronicles the villain origin story of Goldilocks, whose real name is Petlana Manwitch. After a traumatic childhood experience that took place just after she was discovered trespassing in the three bears’ home, Petlana grows into an adult with a penchant for bad behavior and an aversion to accountability and joy. While working as a luggage saleswoman in Rome, Italy, Petlana unexpectedly finds herself confronting others as well as her own issues, when she drops one load of trash too many on the doorsteps of her neighbors, the Burchellis, and gets a wake-up call of a lifetime.   Coming Winter 2023


Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

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