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"Tallulah (Tooth Fairy, CEO) is Fashion-Week chic..."

"...When she encounters a snag in her usual tooth-retrieval routine, her thoughtful solution will only make readers love her more. This is a must- have for all collections. Children and adults alike will fall in love with this hilarious picture book."
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#14 - Bold Words From Black Women Inspiration And Truths From 50 Extraordinary Leaders Who Helped Shape Our World – Tamara Pizzoli, Monica Ahanonu
Giving the tooth fairy tongue-in-cheek professional legitimacy, Pizzoli (who has published numerous African folktales with her boutique company, The English Schoolhouse) offers a modish tale about Tallulah, founder and CEO of Teeth Titans Inc., for whom “looking after children’s pearly whites” is more than just a job—“it is her career.”
EXCLUSIVE: Gabrielle Union’s I’ll Have Another Productions has teamed with 5 More Minutes Productions to acquire rights to Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO, the self-published children’s book by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli. Black-ish and Boondocks writer-producer Yamara Taylor has come aboard to adapt the story into a live-action modern family comedy.
"...I'm thrilled that we've partnered with The English Schoolhouse, an award-winning, Black woman-owned publishing house, to bring more diverse teaching tools and stories to Assistant in the coming weeks. Soon you’ll be able to say, “Hey Google, talk to ‘Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO’ story” — or “Hey Google, talk to ‘Elijah Everett, Kid Principal’ story.”
"Tallulah, CEO of Teeth Titans Inc., gives readers a sneak peek into her glamorous life...Details in both Pizzoli's text (Tallulah's also the founder of the National Association for the Appreciation and Care of Primary Teeth, or NAACP-T) and Fabiani's matte illustrations (a series of enormous, Warhol-like prints of Tallulah adorns her walls) will set adult readers chuckling. Funny and provocative."
"It’s refreshing to see a woman of color not only represented as a classic fantasy figure, as they are often depicted exclusively as white, but also as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur . . . Illustrations are smooth and give a sleek modern feel to the piece. A fun, solid addition to contemporary fairy tale collections."


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