About Us

Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

The English Schoolhouse Publishing was founded by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli in 2014. As CEO of the publishing house, Dr. Pizzoli serves as the art curator, director, editor, publisher, and audiobook producer for each of the titles created. She is a former kindergarten teacher with a Masters and Doctorate degree in Education and a true passion for exquisite storytelling that she shares by providing rich and satisfying stories in both imagery and text. It is her hope that the stories she pens and publishes prompt readers of all ages to dream, reach, learn, and expand, and grow.

Originally from Texas, Dr. Pizzoli lived nearly two decades in Rome, Italy, and her stories often reflect her own life experiences and lessons, as well as those she's observed in the lives of her four children. She now resides in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and children.