B is for Basil:  An ABC Book of Herbs and Spices

From Ancho chili powder to vanilla beans, herbs and spices are one of the ways used all over the world to add a pop of flavor and pizzazz to any plate. This alphabet book visually introduces readers to a multicultural view of how plants and seeds around the world are used to enhance culinary dishes.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Neneca

V is for Vintage:  An Alphabet Book of Oldies But Goodies

V is for Vintage is the perfect alphabet book for young readers to be introduced to items and whatnots of the past as well as those who have an affinity for rare finds that aren’t brand new.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Adam Cox

Tooth Fairy CEO and the Corona Challenge

Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO is used to handling all sorts of hazards and hassles when it comes to her business, Teeth Titans, Incorporated. But when a global pandemic forces her to change her business practices overnight, the boss of all fairies learns to flex her flexibility like never before.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Cynthia Barrera

The Claus Conspiracy

Spencer Stanford is a curious kid, and he spends a lot of time pondering. Whether or not Santa Claus really exists is a question he’s asked himself for quite some time. As the holiday season approaches, Spencer decides to find out just who exactly Santa is, and what he’s all about.


Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Anna Angrick

Mirella Rosso and the Big Bad Fabulous Wolf 

Mirella Rosso’s family lives in Rome, Italy, but they spend each weekend in a small village called Ronciglione. Her grandmother also has a home there, on the other side of town. While taking a basketful of sweet pastries to her nonna, Mirella is unexpectedly stopped by a resident who has more than one kind of mischief up her fabulous, furry sleeve.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Cynthia Barrera

Corona Soup 

Signora Constanza is the kindest elderly lady in the Roman piazza of Campo dei Fiori. Even though she’s of a certain age, she’s fun-loving and always out and about. When an illness plagues the entire country of Italy, Signora Constanza’s neighbors rally together to show her she’s loved, with the help of a very special girl.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Cynthia Barrera

Mis Abuelos Siempre Decian

Mis Abuelos Siempre Decian is a collection of commonly used phrases and expressions in Spanish that promote reflection and wisdom. The English equivalent for each proverb has been provided in this bilingual book, though oftentimes the translation is not exact. Vibrant illustrations and brief text make this a perfect selection for readers of all ages.


Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Constanza Goeppinger

The Empress’s New Clothes

Empress Jamila is the sole noble matriarch of her North African nomadic tribe. Accompanied by guards, close family and servants, she crosses the Saharan sands with her trusted caravan. A rare seasonal downpour brings two unexpected travelers bearing gifts and mischief of many kinds.


Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Elena Tommasi Ferroni

Harriet Hare the Hair Guru

Harriet has a passion and true talent for handling hair and crafting creative styles. She even passes on playtime during recess to cornrow or cut her friends’ tresses. An unexpected boost in her popularity as a hairstylist leads to a busier schedule, boss moves, and a bit of best friend trouble. Sure Harriet can manage hair…but can she manage doing it all?

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Anna Angrick.

Pizza Picasso

La Pizzeria Pizzoli is the most famous pizzeria in all of Italy. Run by the Pizzoli family for over two hundred years, even young members of the family are expected to help out at the restaurant after school until they’re old enough to work there full-time. Sebastian Pizzoli, age nine, does just that, until one day he takes an unexpected interest in art, and has to decide whether to pursue his new passion or his family’s tradition…pizza.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli and Noah Pizzoli, illustrated by Anna Angrick.

The English Schoolhouse

Jewels from Our Ancestors

Jewels from Our Ancestors is a loving thank-you in the form of a short collection of proverbs. The book is dedicated to the elders who have come before us and gifted us with words of wisdom and truth in the form of succinct sayings that compel both readers and listeners to reflect and learn.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Jamilla Okubo.

The English Schoolhouse

H is for Honeysuckle: A Floral Alphabet Book

From Amaryllis to Dahlia to Narcissus to Zinnia, this book offers a lovely floral tour of the alphabet that exposes readers not only to the diversity of the twenty-six flowers featured, but the hands that hold and love them as well.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Elena Tommasi Ferroni.

The English Schoolhouse

Z is for Zora: An Alphabet Book of Notable Writers from Around the World

Discover some of the most brilliant contemporary and past writers in this unique alphabet book. From Maya Angelou to Zora Neale Hurston, explore an alphabetized list of creatives who have informed and changed the hearts and minds of millions of readers worldwide through their wit, words and wisdom.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Howell Edwards.

The English Schoolhouse

Lotus and the Baby Bird

Lotus is an eight-year-old third grader who lives in the historic center of Rome, Italy. One Wednesday morning, while on her way to school, an unfortunate event occurs. Lotus has a delayed reaction to this unsettling event. Her response proves to be too little too late, leading Lotus to learn the power of pondering, possibilities and tough lessons that may ultimately spark the discovery of one’s life purpose.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Elena Tommasi Ferroni.

The English Schoolhouse

The King and the Flute

King Ademuyiwa is the ruler of his kingdom in Nigeria. Known as King Ade for short, the child royal has many responsibilities and important decisions to face daily. To assist in helping him juggle such a heavy load while maintaining a calm disposition, King Ade relies on the sweet sounds of his personal flute player, Kola the flautist, whose sole job is to play for the king whenever he is beckoned. But one day Kola decides that he deserves a day or two off and takes them, and a lesson is learned by all in the kingdom, including King Ade himself.

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Maya N’Diaye.

The English Schoolhouse

K is for Kahlo

What better way to introduce kids to notable artists from around the world than through the alphabet?

The English Schoolhouse

Fatou and the Kora

Fatou and the Kora is a modern West African fairy tale set in Dakar, Senegal. Fatou, a young Senegalese girl, resides in a region where it is thought by many that the kora, or the African harp, is an instrument that is not to be played by girls. Fatou follows her instinct and discovers a generational gift within herself, while also teaching her father an unexpected lesson.

The English Schoolhouse

The Ghanaian Goldilocks

Set in Accra, Ghana, The Ghanaian Goldilocks is a modern twist on the classic Goldilocks fairytale. Like traditional kente cloth, West African culture and themes are woven seamlessly into the story of a boy with sun lightened hair named Kofi, better known to his friends and family as Goldilocks. Like the Goldilocks in the traditional tale, Kofi has been known to get into some trouble here and there, but it’s an unexpected visit to a neighbor’s house that teaches him a valuable lesson of a lifetime.

The English Schoolhouse

F is for Fufu

F is for Fufu is an ABC book unlike any you’ve ever seen. Enjoy references to the modern West African tale The Ghanaian Goldilocks while learning more about the culture, people, traditions and staples of the gorgeous country of Ghana…all while practicing your ABCs.

The English Schoolhouse

Auntie Nappy

Nefeterius Akeli McPherson was the 39 year old fabulous, smart, and wildly capable big sister of the author. After a long battle with a rare genetic liver disease that resulted in her needing a liver transplant, she passed away in March of 2014 unexpectedly after being diagnosed with cancer only eight days prior. This book is the result of the author wanting to explain just how much her two sons’ aunt, Auntie as they call her, accomplished while alive. The book also attempts to address the concept of the cycle of life and death to a young audience. The author’s main goal in writing Auntie Nappy was to celebrate a life gorgeously lived, and to explain to her sons why they will no longer see their Auntie, of whom they were very, very fond.

The English Schoolhouse

M is for Marrakech: An Alphabet Book of Cities Around the World

Come along for an alphabetical adventure around the world. Join the author and visit fascinating cities all over the planet while brushing up on your ABCs.

The English Schoolhouse

M is for Mohawk: An Alphabet Book of Fresh Hairstyles

M is for Mohawk: An Alphabet Book of Fresh Hairstyles is a fun and funky tour through the abc’s of hairdos. Enjoy the simultaneously diverse and uniform illustrations on each page and get in on the fun by drawing your own hairstyle for letter Y.

The English Schoolhouse

B is for Breakdancing: An ABC Book of Ways to Shake What Your Momma Gave You

An ABC book all about dances.

The English Schoolhouse

Of Gods and Goddesses:  Deities of Ancient Rome

As a young child I remember reading books about mythology from all over the world and feeling a very strong connection to each of the mythical beings, even though I never recognized myself in the illustrations for the texts I read. In Of Gods and Goddesses: Deities of Ancient Rome, master Italian painter Elena Tommasi Ferroni and I reimagined sixteen ancient Roman deities to reflect the multicultural society of today. Each illustration was painted in oil on 20×30 cm paper, and the original works of art as well as prints are available for purchase at The English Schoolhouse Art Gallery.


Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Elena Tommasi Ferroni.

Gems from the Elders: A Book of African-American Proverbs

Wise words are a staple of both African-American dialogue and experience. Dr. Tamara Pizzoli personally selected a set of sixteen often-used, heard and referenced phrases in the African-American culture to share with readers. The proverbs are accompanied by bright and bold illustrations painted by Jamilla Okubo.



Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Jamilla Okubo

Marielle’s Sweet Shop

Marielle Santana is the Principal of McPherson Elementary School where her daughter Simone is a student. Though she enjoys educational leadership, Marielle‘s real passion is pastries. With the help of her daughter and her heart set on sweets, Marielle makes the decision to open her own bakery, and she and Simone meet both trials and triumphs on the road to success.


Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, illustrated by Cynthia Barrera

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